Bit Load

Diamond Impregnated Core Bits

When drilling with diamond impregnated core bits, the lowest possible bit load or “weight-on-bit” (WOB) should be applied that will provide a satisfactory rate of penetration. Bit load is a function of both the matrix type as well as the bit face bearing area, that is, the actual contact area of the bit face with the formation being drilled. In the case of softer matrices such as “HR11” or “HR12”, a high bit load is unnecessary as it will cause the metal-bond matrix to abrade at a high rate and/or smear, resulting in premature consumption and low bit life. Harder matrices such as “S3” and “S6” are more receptive to higher bit loads.

Click here to view or download the recommended operating parameters for bit load for diamond impregnated core bits in .pdf format. (101kb)