After extensive field testing over the last year, Dimatec Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 Canadian Manufacturer of Diamond Tools for the Exploration and Mining Industries, is proud to announce the development of the new ‘RS-5’ reaming shell. The RS-5 reaming shell has been carefully designed utilizing the newest of available raw materials in combination with new manufacturing processes, to offer the end user the same benefit as the previous Dimatec ‘Heavy Duty’ class shells, but with improved life characteristics compared to previous versions. The RS-5 reaming shell will replace the existing heavy duty reaming shell Dimatec currently manufactures.

Field testing in the last year has proven the RS-5 reaming to outlast the current Dimatec heavy duty design by 200-300%. The new design incorporates new cutter ring geometry allowing more surface area for diamond placement while maintaining good fluid passage. This allows the reaming to have a lower wear rate, increasing the reaming life substantially. The RS-5 reaming is made from 100% synthetic cutters allowing the reaming shell to be used in all types of drilling applications from diamond exploration to precious and base metal exploration drill jobs.

The RS-5 reaming shell will be offered with the option of Tungsten Carbide Hard Strips on the shank of the reaming body at a nominal charge, which will reduce premature wear of the shell body when used in arduous, highly abrasive, conditions.

Dimatec currently offers this reaming shell in AWL, BWL, NWL, HWL, and PWL sizes. Custom sizes will be available on request.

For stabilized core barrel systems, the RS-5 design is also offered in the 10” Long Ring reaming design. The RS-5 reaming cutter rings can also be placed on drive couplings to offer full stabilization where ‘back-reaming’ may be required.

The RS-5 reaming shell will be available on the open market January 2011. Consult your local Dimatec representative for further information.