Dimensional Specifications

Set Diameters for Casing Shoes, Casing Bits and Rod Shoes

The term “set diameter” refers to the dimension measured on the outside or inside diameter of the matrix body on a casing shoe, casing bit or rod shoe crown on which diamonds or tungsten-carbide elements have been physically set in order to preserve this critical dimension during drilling.

Click here to view or download the Nominal Set Diameter and Product Availability Tables in .pdf format. (399kb)

Dimatec is capable of manufacturing a wide range of casing shoes, casing bits and rod shoes for use on most types of casing tubes and wireline drill rods that are used in the mineral exploration industry. In addition, Dimatec offers most sizes of these products with one of three standard types of cutting media that include:

  • Impregnated synthetic diamond
  • Tungsten-carbide granular chips
  • Saw-tooth tungsten-carbide elements

Tool sizes that are not listed in our technical literature or special tools with non-standard set diameters may be available on request. Note that some types of cutting media may not be available on some sizes of these products due to the physical dimensional limitations of the tool crown.