Gauge Setting Options

As both the hole diameter and core diameter dimensions that are cut by a core bit must be consistent, the inside and outside gauging sections on all Dimatec impregnated diamond bit crowns are set with cutting media in order to preserve these critical dimensions. The consistency of the outside set diameter is critical in order to maintain interchangeability between different bits and other in-hole tooling while the consistency of the inside set diameter is critical for effective core capture by the core barrel system.

Unless otherwise specified, all impregnated core bits produced by Dimatec have their inside and outside set diameter gauging sections set with a combination of seismic grade tungsten-carbide wear pads and thermally stable polycrystalline diamond elements in an alternating pattern. Note that due to physical space constraints, the tungsten-carbide wear pad setting is usually omitted on thin-wall impregnated diamond core bits with kerf widths of 7.6 mm (0.30 inch) or less.

Unlike some older core bit designs that employ natural diamond particles as gauge protection settings, Dimatec’s impregnated core bits are set entirely with synthetic diamond materials that have known engineering properties. This feature makes Dimatec’s impregnated core bits well suited for use on drilling projects where the potential for contamination by natural diamond crystals is considered objectionable such as in the investigation of Kimberlite formations.